I can't wait to be patient
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If You Can Wait, Then You Can WIN!

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I can't wait to be patient
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Dr. Rob Bell

“If you want to be healthy, happy, and successful in today’s fast paced world you need to develop the skill of being patient with yourself and others.

"Dr. Rob’s book is full of useful ideas for doing so.”

— Dr. Bob Rotella, Sport Psychologist

We are designed to get from point A to point B as fast as possible.

However, as a result, we can’t slow down and there is a sense of urgency towards everything. We are bombarded by the urgent, tugged by the future, distracted by the unimportant, and discouraged by the past.


Time is our most precious resource.


Dr. Rob Bell wrote I Can’t Wait To Be Patient as a practical guide to overcome our challenges, stress, and expectations, through the power of time and the path of patience. This and other mental toughness books addresses:


·      The four laws of patience and the four killers to urgency.

·      Why mortality rates actually decrease when the top surgeons are away.

·      How we mistake the urgent for the important and why it is a recipe for disaster.

·      Why “icing the kicker” in football does not work.

·      Uncover if you have the patient “personality.” You just might.


The process requires perspective and the product requires patience.